LAHORE- Lahore High Court (LHC) today ordered authorities to release all the political activists and declared their house arrest null and void.

Lahore High Court judge Qasim Khan heard the case. During case proceedings, Pakistan Awami Tehreek lawyer Ishtiaq Chaudhry told court that those political activists had still not been released despite court orders. Home Secretary was constantly lingering on the issue. The lawyer argued that the authorities did not have any written record regarding workers’ house arrest.

Meanwhile, Home Secretary of Punjab told court that orders to release five hundred and fifty one workers of Pakistan Awami Tehrek and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf have been issued, however, bail bonds are being collected from them.

Awami Tehreek lawyer argued that it had already been proved in court that those detentions were illegal. PTI counsel Gohar Sindhu told court that party workers had been politically victimized by the Punjab government. The court said the party workers were arrested on suspicion and security forces had failed to provide strong evidence against them.

After hearing the arguments, the court nullified arrest of all the political activists and ordered authorities to release them within thirty minutes without collecting bail bonds.