LAHORE - Punjab Law Minister Rana Mashhood Ahmad has affirmed to sue the persons maligning his character by way of what he termed, concocted video material and interview on a private TV channel.

Talking to this scribe on Wednesday, the provincial Law minister denied veracity of the video contents wherein he is allegedly shown making a monetary deal with a business tycoon, Asim Malik. He said that it was a fabricated and malicious attempt aimed to hit at his reputation and goodwill and to make Malik hero and purge him out of the offence he had committed.

The host of the programme had recently interviewed Asim Malik in London, who during the course of talks also quoted Rana as telling him that he was asking for money (bribe) on behalf of Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif.

Confronting this allegation, the Law minister categorically denied to have said what Malik alleged to him in the interview and said all the allegations levelled on him in person or through the video clips, were totally false and baseless and far from relevance to the facts.

He said that the timeline of his talks with Malik clearly showed that differences pieces and clips of recording had been joined together to make out a case against him. Moreover, Rana Mashhood said that whatever alleged and imputed to him in the talks already stood investigated through a Joint Investigation Team (JIT) and the Court of law and no charge could be established against him.

The minister said that he had already served a legal notice on the anchorperson of the programme and was waiting for the reply. He said that he would sue all the persons who levelled false allegations on him after seeking reply to legal notice. When asked why he did not accept the invitation of the TV anchor person to appear on his programme to defend himself, he replied circuitously and said “he was mulling over the strategy.”