LAHORE - Punjab Assembly Speaker Rana Muhammad Iqbal has summoned four PTI lawmakers in his chamber on September 29 to ascertain if they had actually resigned from their Assembly seats.

Those who have been called to appear before the speaker on the said date include: Waheed Asghar Dogar, Nabila Hakim Ali Khan, Raja Rashid Hafeez and Malik Taimur Masood. Other members would be summoned on later dates. 

Following a policy decision by PTI leadership that all of its legislators would resign from the National Assembly and Provincial Assemblies, 29 of its Punjab Assembly members had submitted their resignations with the Secretary Assembly last month.

Under Article 64 (1) of the Constitution, any Assembly member could resign from his/her Assembly seat by writing a letter to the Speaker in his/her own handwriting. And if he/she also appears before the Speaker alongwith the resignation, the Speaker would accept it without any delay.

But in case he or she uses some other method to dispatch his/her resignation and does not appear before the Speaker, the latter is bound under Rule 35 (2-B) of Punjab Assembly Rules of Procedure, 1997 and orders of the Supreme Court to summon the member in his chamber to verify if he/she had actually resigned from the Assembly seat voluntarily without any pressure.

Rana Iqbal told reporters at the Punjab Assembly on Wednesday that he had decided to summon the PTI members to ensure implementation of the relevant rules.