Islamabad - Inside reports about Pakistan Awami Tehreek suggest that Dr Tahir ul Qadri’s followers are desperate to attack state buildings again but Qadri is hesitant to allow such a move in the wake of his last attempt that brought a lot of condemnation for him.

Tired of sitting at D-Chowk followed by no significant result, panic is being spread among the loyalists of Dr Qadri and they want to create some scene to force the government to resign and accept their demands.

A loyalist of Dr Qadri said, “We are asking our leader to give us a freehand for what we want to do and we should not be stopped from entering the state buildings including Supreme Court of Pakistan. We will tell a lesson to the government.”

At the same time followers of cleric are confused about their further plan if Pakistan Army, that is deputed to safeguard these buildings, stops them from marching inside the buildings. “If army stops us, it would be a difficult situation to handle and we will stop as we are not allowed to confront with the army,” a young follower of Qadri said.

“We have asked our seniors many times to allow us attack and then see what happens. At least the government will be forced to pay heed to our demands. Our leaders whereas are suggesting us to be patient for the time being and any further plan will be told at right time,” a loyalist of Qadri said.

The followers and designated workers of PAT tried to convince this scribe that their last attack on the state buildings forced the government to start talk process with them; otherwise, it was not taking them seriously.

About the role of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf workers, the PAT workers expressed their hopelessness and said, “It is one of the reasons that we think is stopping our leader to allow us from attacking state buildings because we believe PTI will not assist us. We don’t tell this to them but they have proved themselves cowards during the last episode when we entered moved towards Prime Minister House. We cannot defy our leader and we have great respect for him but this peacefulness, which he is asking us to maintain, is not going to bring any change in the situation.”