The people of the flooded areas said that relief camps were set up only during the visits of rulers and practically no relief camp is functioning.

They added that Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif on his visit had announced that 3,000 tents would be provided to the shelter-less flood-hit people but no such tents were given to them. They said that the people were still living in the open sky. They said now there was a strange stink of the rotten bodies of animals in the flood-hit areas.  The recent floods brought unprecedented devastation to the people residing in low-lying areas along Chenab and Jhelum rivers. About 103 villages were badly hit and their inhabitants trapped in the flood as the riverbanks overflowed. People with self help moved to safer places with what household and animals they could carry with them from their houses. Some people saved their lives by climbing up trees and rooftops of their houses. Five persons died in the floods. Army and Rescue 1122 teams with boats evacuated considerable number of people. As soon as the floodwater receded, the people returned to houses but there is grave conditions in their destructed areas.

The people said that the government played negligible role to rehabilitate the people. Political leaders visited the areas in the company of officers from local administration and announced that they would not rest till last man affected by the flood was compensated and rehabilitated. However, the people said, their promises had not been fulfilled yet.