LAHORE: Veteran politician SM Zafar says the seats of PTI MNAs who tendered resignations have become vacant from the date on which they submitted their letters and their salaries and allowances were stopped.

"The speaker of the NA or chairman of the Senate has no role to play," he said in a statement on Wednesday.

Referring to Article 64 together with Rule 25 of the Rules of National Assembly, he said if a member appears himself and presents the resignation, the seat becomes vacant immediately.

However, if he sends the resignation and does not present himself in person in support of the resignation, the speaker has to satisfy himself if the resignation is voluntary. "In the political scenario of Pakistan, when the salary bills and TA/DA allowances of the members were withheld, any speaker ought to have come to the conclusion that if the member has not come to object, his resignation was voluntary.

Thereafter, it is for the secretariat of the NA to issue a notification of the vacancy of the seat and inform the Election Commission".

Mr Zafar, who is also a former law minister said: "Let us remember that resignation takes effect automatically and does not depend on the acceptance or non-acceptance of it by the speaker.”