FAISALABAD- Chief Minister (CM) Punjab Shahbaz Sharif has said those staging sitins should not play with the fate of 180 million people as sitins are not politics or service to humanity or Pakistaniat but it is hostility with Pakistan.

“Sitins have caused such enormous damage to our country that our coming generation would not be able to repair it. Those holding dharnas have pursued anti state posture. A heinous game has been played with the fate of 180 million people by putting at stake projects of uplift and development”, he said this while addressing a ceremony of signing of Memorandum of Understandings (MOUs) today.

CM Punjab held “I appeal to the nation not to pardon these elements. Sitin organizers have torn the national economy into shreds and have annihilated it. They have tried to drift us into dark avenues of disasters. Even an enemy country cannot do what these elements have done with Pakistan. Delay has not been made by China in launching of its 34 billion dollars investment projects in Pakistan but it has taken place due to untimely dharnas staged by our unscrupulous friends,” he underscored.

He reiterated that China was time tested and great friend of Pakistan and it had stood with us in all our trying times.  China is eager to economic uplift and prosperity of Pakistan and history of our friendship with China bears this testimony too.

The recent visit of Chinese delegation to Pakistan will open new vistas of development and cooperation and it will bolster bilateral cooperation between the two countries, he hoped.

The accords on promotion of business and cultural activities reached between Pakistan and industrial city of China are good omen; he said adding these will give impetus to industrial and cultural activities in Punjab. Declaring Lahore and industrial city Yantai as twin cities will further consolidate the trade, cultural and historical ties between the two cities, he remarked.

The loss caused to us due to delay in billion of rupees Chinese projects in the wake of postponement of Chinese leadership visit to Pakistan has started surfacing up, he held.