LAHORE - Flight operation at the Lahore airport remained disturbed on Sunday, as 21 flights were cancelled or delayed, said an official of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

At least 17 flights were cancelled and four others delayed. Among the cancelled ones, most of the flights were of PIA and some others were of Air Blue and Shaheen Air. The PIA flight Pk-313 Lahore-Karachi was cancelled and same happened to Pk-787 for London, Pk-315 and Pk-317 for Karachi, Pk-654 for Islamabad, Pk-852 for Tokyo and Pk-235 for Salala. Air Blue flight PA-412 for Sharjah was also cancelled.

Also, Air Blue flight PA-471 coming from Jeddah to Lahore was cancelled. Shaheen Airline flight NL-718 coming from Jeddah, Air Blue flight PA-413 coming from Sharjah, PIA flight Pk-720 coming from Milan, Pk-290 coming from Doha, Air Blue flight PA-404 coming from Karachi, Air Blue flight PA-475 coming from Riyadh, PIA flight Pk-760 coming from Jeddah, Pk-655 coming from Islamabad and PIA flight Pk-312 coming from Karachi were also cancelled. Apart from cancellation, four flights were operated with delay to and from Lahore airport.

An officer of the CAA said there were different reasons for delays and cancellations, including technical faults in planes and unavailability of planes.