LAHORE - Epilepsy is neither a mysterious nor an incurable disease, it can be successfully treated by regular use of medicine.

Assistant Prof Dr Shahid Mukhtar, of Neurology department, Lahore General Hospital, told APP on Sunday that all government hospitals have proper medical facilities regarding diagnose and cure of epilepsy.

“Epilepsy is common in Pakistan and approximately 2 million people are suffering from this disease in the country,” the doctor said.

Due to illiteracy, he added, awareness level about epilepsy was very low in Pakistan. In rural areas, most of the people approach to "Pirs" for treatment in case of epilepsy, he further said.

Dr Mukhtar reiterated that epilepsy was a hundred percent curable disease and a neuro-physician or qualified doctor could be approached to get rid of this ailment.

He advised the people that in case of symptoms of epilepsy, the patient should contact to a qualified neuro-surgeon so that proper diagnostic process as well as treatment could be ensured. He stressed the need for creating awareness among the masses about this disease.