Islamabad - Federal Government Employees Housing Foundation (FGEHF) has launched five housing schemes in the federal capital during the last four years to provide maximum housing facilities to the employees and the general public.

The housing schemes included Housing Scheme Phase-VI, (Bara Kahu), Housing Scheme Phase-VI, (F-14/F-15), Housing Scheme Phase-VIII (Thallian), Housing Scheme Phase-IX (EHFPRO) and Housing Scheme Phase-X (Park Road), an official told APP. “The mandate of FGEHF is to provide shelter to the government employees and other specified groups on’ No Profit No Loss basis’.”

He said all the schemes were in progress and housing foundation would try its level best to complete the scheme within a stipulated time period.

The housing foundation started membership drive for the registration of federal government employees in 2009 when the members were registered on the basis of ‘first come first serve’ and it ended in February 2014, in which almost 36000 employees got registered, he added.  In addition, around 100,000 federal employees got registered themselves in membership drive-II which started on the basis of ‘age-wise seniority’ in April 2015 and closed in July 2017. He said that in Bara Kahu there were 36000 registered applicants against the total number of 3268 plots while 32000 consent letters and 2415 provisional offer letters had been issued. In sectors F-14/F-15, he said that 36000 applicants in Cat-I, II and Ill) received against 7201 plots while 6200 consent letters and 4700 provisional offer letters had been issued, he added. He said that in Thallian as many as 98000 applications received by the authority against 9104 plots and 5460 consent letters had been issued.  In Housing Scheme Phase-IX (EHFPRO), he said that there were total 3500 applicants against 2222 apartments while 2200 consent letters and 1100 provisional offer letters have been issued. The official said that in Park Road Housing Scheme, the foundation had received 93,000 applications against the 2345 plots while 1000 consent letters had been issued.