SIALKOT-Owning to continuous Indian shelling in the border villages, the residents of border areas are forced to spend sleepless nights under the open sky in the local fields where they lack food and even basic facilities.

The Indian Border Security Force (BSF) has been targeting their houses especially in the evening intermittently, targeting civilian population in Chaprar, Charwah, Sucheetgarh, Harpal and bajra Garhi sectors along the Sialkot Working Boundary now-a-days..

The local people said that they were forced to spend their nights sleeplessly in the fields. "We start going to the nearby open fields in our villages with our cattle by leaving our homes alone in the evening, as we stay there almost for the whole night sleeplessly. The Indian BSF starts targeting our houses after the dusk. The Indian BSF continues shelling in these Sialkot border villages for almost whole night intermittently," said a 60-year-old farmer Ismail of village Beeni Sulehriyaan-Charwah.

Haji Aslam (56) of village Bajra Garhi-Harpal added that after dawn of the day the local people go back to their homes, most of these houses damaged by Indian shelling, for cooking meals for the night."

Sakeena Bibi (67) of village Joiyaan said, "We use our tractor-trolleys and donkeys for our transportation between the fields and houses for saving our lives from Indian shelling, as the Indian BSF targets the civilian population in the houses."

The affected people, displaced due to more than a week-long unprovoked intensified Indian shelling, have been living miserably in the fields and other safer places in Sialkot and surrounding areas, as there was no let up in their miseries. They have no proper place to live and no proper food to eat, they said.

The local people told the visiting newsmen at village Beeni Sulehriyaan (in Charwah sector) here that there was acute shortage of fodder for cattle in the Indian shelling hit Sialkot border villages.

They have been spending the sleepless nights there due to unprovoked intensified shelling by the Indian Border Security Forces (BSF). Most of these people including women and children said, "Every night brings fear of life for us due to unprovoked intensified Indian shelling, as we have to leave our badly shelled houses before the evening to save our lives."

The people narrated that it was very painful for them to move to safer places with their dear ones and cattle. They said that their old wounds were still green and they were getting more wounds day by day in different shapes of their miseries.

They were again shifting to the safe places in Sialkot city and surrounding areas after the unprovoked intensified mortar shelling on Sialkot borer villages along the Sialkot Working Boundary here. Most of these people, internally displaced due to Indian shelling, have been living in the fields under the sky in tents.

Meanwhile, the district administration established three relief centres for accommodating the huge number of the affected people. However, the local people have complained that these relief centres lack even basic facilities. There was very high grass and floodwater accumulated in these relief centres. They added that these centres were the breeding points of different kinds ofthe mosquitoes. Due to which, the local people were unable to live there, they said.