KAMALIA-PPP Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari snubbed All Pakistan Muslim League chief Pervez Musharraf's recent allegations against him and termed the allegations a pack of lies.

He was addressing a press conference after offering condolences on the death of PPP leader Khalid Ahmed Kharal at the Kharal House Kamalia. He asked Pervez Musharraf to return and face the cases against him if he was so truthful. He stated that Pervez Musharraf was avoiding the accountability by leaving the country and now levelling false accusations against him. He said that there was no truth in the allegations against him. He said after the death of Meer Murtaza Bhutto, he and Benazir Bhutto Shaheed were accused of the murder without any proof. He stated that today Pakistan is facing the worst problems due to the PML-N government.

"The worst of these problems is the current financial situation as Ishaq Dar has fled from the country leaving the national treasury empty," he said. "Four years of turbulent government has proved that the PML-N does not know how to run the country. They kept on looting the national resources," he said.

Zardari stated that in his government the international fuel prices were skyrocketing which made the matters difficult but in the PML-N government, the fuel prices come down remarkably. He lamented that PML-N could not leverage the price decrease into success and lost the golden chance of launching Pakistan into prosperity due to their ignorance and incompetence.

He stated that all the problems arise due to the bad financial situation. He said that progress is not only constructing roads as the loan incurred by these projects had to be paid sooner or later.

Talking about the party workers, he said that PPP was the only party that gave importance to its workers, respected their efforts and decisions were made on every level after consultation with them. He said that there was no such tradition in other parties. He said that PML-N and PPP could not unite in any case. the NA-120 election was not a touchstone, he stated. The PML-N has not even provided a an energy saver in the name of reforms. He said that it was the tragedy of the third world country to level accusations against the opponents to save themselves.

He said that PTI chief Imran Khan had been boasting of creating a new Pakistan but KPK condition has further deteriorated after PTI came to power. He stated that no final decisions could be made based only on the number of the people in the rallies. He added that only elections shall decide final standings.

He declared that there would be no compromise at any cost with the PML-N and both have always been ruthless competitors. He said that PPP had got up to 90,000 votes on some seats in the 2013 elections which was a sign of the people's trust. He stated that PPP had no basic majority in the Senate and the bill regarding the head of a party leader over his disqualification was passed due to the walkout of MQM.

He lamented that there had been no foreign minister in Pakistan for the four years in PML-N government which greatly handicapped Pakistan in the foreign office. He alleged that due to lack of the foreign minister, the external forces gathered up and hatched heinous schemes against Pakistan.

Earlier, he met with the widow of late Khalid Khan Kharal and his son Haider Ali Khan Kharal and offered Fateha on the death of late PPP leader Khalid Khan Kharal. He stated that Khalid Ahmed Khan Kharal was one of the founding workers of PPP. "Pakistan People's Party is proud of his work and appreciates his services.

Addressing the press conference, PPP Central Punjab President Qamar Zaman Kaira said that the results of the NA-120 by-election were a cause of concern for all the opposition parties. "The PML-N government has squeezed even the last drop of blood from the poor masses. Prices are skyrocketing and the poor are forced to committing suicide having no means of livelihood," he said.

He said the PML-N had fulfilled none of the promises made to the people during the elections. At present, all the PML-N leaders were busy trying to save only one person. In the era of PPP, Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani was declared ineligible and at that time these people were present in the courts, wearing black coat, he said. He stated that the national youth are looking up to Bilawal Bhutto and not towards Imran Khan.

He claimed that the youth have been joining PPP in droves in Punjab, saying that the PPP's reorganisation has been completed.