Islamabad - PCRWR Chairman Dr Muhammad Ashraf has emphasized on the importance of building wetlands in every new sector of Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) to recharge portable water resources and check wastage of water in sewerage lines. “New constructed houses and buildings should have separate blue water lines and sewerage lines storing the domestic use water into small ponds which can easily be recycled,” the Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources (PCRWR) chairman said.

“The construction of wetlands will be costly but will get rid of the hassle of getting water through tankers in times of shortage,” he added.

He said that according to the by-laws of Capital Development Authority, it was mandatory to have two water pipelines but unfortunately that was not implemented. He said they held meetings with the Mayor Islamabad on the issue and briefed him that water shortage in the capital could be controlled if the rain water was stored appropriately.

 He said the construction of small check structures for water storage could reduce the velocity of water wasted due to heavy rains.

 Replying to a query regarding impurities in the drinking water of ICT, he said the water from the city’s major resources of Simly and Rawal dams did not contain harmful elements except some micro-biological bacteria, which could easily be purified through boiling or filtration.