LAHORE - City traffic police department on Monday claimed that at least 5,315 motorcyclists were issued tickets for not wearing helmets on the first day of the latest enforcement campaign.

A police spokesman said that the traffic officers issued fine tickets to at least 1,276 motorcyclists who were riding their two-wheelers on Mall Road without wearing helmets. The police launched the campaign all over the city and issued a total of 5,315 tickets to motorcyclists who were riding bikes without wearing helmets.

On the orders of the Lahore High Court, the traffic police on Monday launched a full-fledged campaign and took action against those motorcyclists who don’t wear helmets. Earlier, the police department had launched an awareness campaign by displaying banners on leading roads to educate motorcyclists about the use of bike helmets.

On the other hand, many people defied the police crackdown and they were seen riding bikes on different city roads without wearing helmets on Monday. Virtually, the police campaign was limited to Mall Road where dozens of traffic wardens were deployed to take action against the violators.

This is not for the first time that the city traffic police have launched a campaign to force the motorcyclists to wear bike helmets. In recent year, the police had launched such a campaign on several occasions but failed to implement the policy in this metropolis where many road users don’t care about traffic laws and road safety measures.