Around a million people die from malaria every year in Pakistan

Almost one million Pakistanis lost their lives because of Malaria every year, but the viral disease could never get the attention of the governments, sources said on Wednesday.
The sources said that the entire machinery is focus to eliminate dengue from the country which causes death of few hundred people annually and left Malaria unattended despite the viral disease hunts 1 million Pakistanis every year. They said part of Balochistan province and Fata are more vulnerable to malaria out-break.
The sources said that the government centre point of attention these days is dengue and it has left malaria at the assistance of international donors. Making comparison, the sources said a total of 1 million people lost lives because of malaria annually whereas the death ratio of dengue is few hundreds.
The sources said despite the grave situation of malaria, no special campaign could be run to create awareness among people so far. National Aid Program provides malaria treatment facility at around 72 districts of the country while the rest are at the mercy of the viral diseases.
National Aid Program Manager Baseer Orakzai said threat of malaria to human life is 10 times more that dengue. It’s a silent killer which could never be diagnosed timely. He said five out of 10 patients died because of wrong treatment.
He said there are some simple precautionary measures in dengue whereas malaria has more complications. The annual death ratio from malaria in Pakistan is 1 million and a total of 5 billion people lost their lives because of malaria globally.

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