Benefits of CPEC

Neither economic stability of Pakistan is acceptable to its regional competitors, nor China’s emergence as a global power

China and Pakistan had formed partnership to complete China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) under “One-Road, One-Belt” vision. The project has great importance for both the countries. CPEC has potential to transform the socio-economic landscape of Pakistan. According to the estimates, the ‘One-Belt One-Road’ would establish close land and maritime connections between/among 60-plus countries across Asia and Europe. Neither the economic stability of Pakistan is acceptable to its regional competitors, nor China’s emergence as a global power is tolerable to many states. China is the central point of mechanism to the West and Pakistan’s central point of mechanism to the Central, West, and South Asia bothers regional and global aspiring is a supreme leader.

CPEC is road to success of economic development of China and Pakistan. According to some internal sources, there is also negative propaganda against CPEC project that entrance of Chinese products in the Pakistani market may cause unemployment and destruction of local manufacturing industries.

The American strategic community considers China as an emerging strategic competitor in the current geo-political landscape of the world. Hence, Asia-Pacific region has become a geostrategic priority for the Pentagon. During Obama’s Administration, pivot or rebalance strategy in Asia-Pacific was designed in 2011-12 to contain China. In this context, the CPEC reduces Chinese dependence on the South China Sea trade route. Subsequently, it would facilitate China to take firm actions while pursuing its strategic objectives in Asia-Pacific. Beijing has been developing powerful forces capable of deterring and defeating aggression of any state, including United States, in South China Sea. It has been observed that since 2015, Chinese have been conveying that in South China Sea, they would not accept external actor’s interference. It seems determined to monitor the navigation operations in the South China Sea and continue developing bases on its Islands in the Sea. India is neighborhood country to Pakistan and China.

Pakistan and China have border dispute with India. India feels that if CPEC gets success, both Pakistan and China would get stronger. India is showing emotional attitude towards CPEC. At the present, India aliens with US and Israel. Since decade India is trying to destroy internal security of Pakistan. The Indians are cognizant to the fact that once CPEC is completed; it would change the face of Pakistani province of Balochistan. The Indian intelligence agency RAW crafted a network in Balochistan to obstruct the construction of CPEC infrastructure. Kulbhushan Yadav was arrested from Balochistan and admitted that he was on mission to handle terror activities in Balochistan. We all know that CPEC project would be transforming the global geo-economic landscape. China and Pakistan would be the primary beneficiary of the project. CPEC is encountered by the anti-CPEC regional and global challenges. During the development of Gwadar, Chinese engineers have been killed. China has invested to build the Gwadar port and Gwadar city. Gwadar is Pakistan’s flagship for the future. Globalisation may get a great boost from CPEC. The concept of Share Wealth, Share Peace, Share Future could be conceived anywhere in the world. CPEC is the route to friendship and economic growth and it will open doors to the prosperous world of tomorrow.


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