ISLAMABAD - The Scrutiny Committee in PTI foreign funding case has started fresh investigations into the case after the ECP had rubbished the report submitted by the committee to the commission earlier.

The scrutiny report was prepared after over 70 meetings and two and half years of committee deliberations that was initially mandated to be complete scrutiny in one month. The petitioner and PTI founding member Akbar S. Babar has consistently challenged the transparency and credibility of the scrutiny process.

Meanwhile, sources in ECP revealed that in Thursday’s meeting, the committee restarted from scratch investigations by seeking to verify the evidence submitted by Akbar S Babar that included evidence on illegal funding, money laundering, concealment of bank accounts, and receiving funds in private bank accounts of PTI employees.

The petitioner’s lawyer Syed Ahmad Hassan Shah assisted by Badar Iqbal Chaudhry once again verified authenticity of the evidence, a process done over a dozen times since filing of the case in November 2014. ECP sources further said that the petitioner made an impassioned plea that the way forward cannot be the way of the past two and half years.

The sources claimed the petitioner emphasised that the PTI must be held accountable for every penny received in all its national and international accounts, most of which it continues to conceal, that must be disclosed including the private bank accounts of PTI employees used as a front to receive illegal donations.

On the other hand, Akbar S Baber is of the view that free and fair scrutiny was only possible if professional auditors conduct a detailed forensic audit. Otherwise, restarting a failed process would only lead to more failure in ascertaining the scale and scope of the mega funding scam, he added.


The meeting adjourned without fixing a fresh date which would be intimated later. 


The Committee is now expected to complete scrutiny that it could not complete  professionally in 29 months in a mere six weeks since the August 27 ECP order ending in the first week of October.