Timergara - Like in other parts of the province, hundreds of government employees in Lower Dir district yesterday boycotted the office workings duties and staged a protest rally in front of the education complex Balambat for acceptance of their demands. 

The protest rally, taken on the call of All Government Employees’ Grand Alliance, was led by leaders of various employees’ unions. They were chanting slogans against the government for its alleged anti-workers’ policies. 

They also marched on road from Balambat and reached the Timergara Press Club.

On the occasion, Pakistan Clerks Association Muhammad Salim and others addressed the rally.  

They demanded immediate increase in salaries, merger of ad hoc reliefs in pay, end to rumours about abolishing pension and annual increment of government employees. The speakers urged the government to honour its promises made with leaders of the employees’ unions. They vowed not to accept abolishment of pensions and adhocism in the government departments at any cost.  

They also demanded proportionate increase in salaries and time scale promotion formula for all government employees.