KARACHI - It is through the intervention of Prime Minister Imran Khan that Saudi government has granted special permission to PIA to fly 21 additional flights, on weekly basis, between the two countries, said spokesman of the national carrier, Abdullah Khan. Keeping in view the urgent need of many of the Pakistanis to reach Saudi Arabia for renewal of their aqamas, PIA was said to had requested Saudi government to allow additional flights, which was granted but limited to numbers not enough to meet the demand of the passengers in urgency to reach the Kingdom before September 30.

Under the given situation PIA Chief Executive Officer, AVM Arshad Malik had approached the PM Imran Khan who taking personal interest contacted senior most authorities and helped in resolving the issue whereby PIA could now fly 21 more flights along with those alread y flown back and forth to different destinations in the two countries. 

Abdullah Khan said with increase in the number of flights PIA would be able to transport 25,500 passengers from Pakistan before September 30, which was the deadline for many ensuring their presence in the kingdom.

Expressing gratitude to President of Pakistan and the PM for their realization towards intensity of the scenario, PIA was said to be also in constant contact with the foreign ministry to help getting extension in the date of procuring aqamas for Pakistanis serving, residing or with business interest in Saudi Arabia,

According to the spokesman PIA is the only international airline that has been granted the special permission to increase its number of flights to Saudi Arabia.