ISLAMABAD - Former Interior Minister and Chairman Institute of Research and Reforms, Senator Rehman Malik   yesterday urged the government to move the United Nations and Interpol against India for supporting terrorism.

He asked the government to explain why the alert issued by a terrorist was not verified and why it was not kept secret. He also said that in the past, many wireless sets had been stolen from the police which are being used by terrorists and criminal elements and they listen to the police conversations.

In a statement, Malik said that Ehsanullah Ehsan had re-released a video in which he confessed that he had issued the alert about the threat to the New Zealand cricket team. “Now that he has confessed to the crime and the government has evidence of India’s involvement, why doesn’t the government go to the United Nations and Interpol against India and Ehsanullah Ehsan,” he questioned.

Rehman Malik urged the government to immediately take up the issue with the United Nations and Interpol that “India wants to sabotage peace through terrorists and use them against Pakistan. He also demanded that in order to arrest Ehsanullah Ehsan, the government should put pressure on Turkey through the United Nations and Interpol.

The Pakistan People’s Party leader said that cricket should be considered as a game and everything should not be taken on the nerves of the government or the nation. He said that everyone was shocked by the cancellation of the New Zealand cricket team’s tour of Pakistan but such matters should be looked at wisely instead of emotionally so as to minimise the damage. “Instead of blaming others, we need to fix the flaws in our security system,” he said.

The former interior minister said that he had said long ago that our information technology system is insecure and India hacks more than 3,000 web sites in Pakistan every day as it had hacked our Election Commission’s website and stole important national data. “We have not yet built a strong firewall and the PTA should build a strong firewall on an emergency basis and ensure cyber security,” he said.

He said that it was unfortunate to predict that the value of US dollar will go up to 180 and then to 200 rupees. He said that everyone knows that a mafia is involved in devaluing the rupee, including SBP officials and if the government wanted, it can prevent the rupee from depreciating further.

Rehman Malik said, “Most of our laws are weak and even if there is a law, it lacks implementation.”  He said that it is a crime to run fake news but the government should not introduce any media policy which would affect the freedom of press and freedom of expression. He said that Imran Khan has already been included in the red list for freedom of expression.

On the issue of Afghanistan, Rehman Malik said that the international community should not wall off the Taliban but should accept their government and bring them into the international mainstream. He said that if the Taliban’s government was not accepted, the situation in Afghanistan will get worse and the whole country will become a hotbed of terrorists.