RAWALPINDI   -    Chief Justice of Islamabad High Court Justice Athar Minallah on Saturday paid a visit to Adiala jail over a petition filed by Human Rights Commission (HRC) against torturing the prisoners, corruption and oth­er violations. 

He was flanked by Session Judge (Islamabad West) Basharat Mufti and Session Judge (Islamabad East) Ata Rabbani.

According to details, CJ IHC Justice Athar Minallah, while hearing a petition a day earlier about tortur­ing the prisoners, decided to visit Adiala jail himself.

He observed that he would visit Adiala Jail and to meet with the jail staff and the administration.

During his visit to jail, Justice Athar Minallah in­spected the barracks of dangerous inmates, females and juveniles. He also paid a visit to kitchen, hospital and other workshops.

According to jail sources, the IHC CJ met with more than 24 prisoners and listened to their problems.

Earlier, Justine Athar Minallah and fellow judg­es were received by Superintendent Jail Ijaz Asghar, Deputy Superintendent Malik Akram and other sen­ior and junior officers of jail. IHC CJ appreciated the cleanliness and quality of food inside the jail.