The political environment became so fragmented that in the name of politics, there are enmities between relatives. Relatives have stopped meeting each other due to their political affiliations.

These paths are leading to destruction and destruction and all our political forces are humbly trying to outdo each other on this track. Political differences are turning into personal enmities and plans are being made to wipe out opponents. No one cares about what is being done to society and the state. There is only the fear of losing what has come to hand. They don’t even have enough sense to stop somewhere, they will destroy themselves and the country by fighting. 

So if someone can do something, then what are you waiting for? The ship of the country is sinking and we are waiting for political tricks. Now this country cannot afford any more political games and political magic. Maybe. Now is the time to wrap things up through political consensus and move forward. If the political parties of Pakistan do not surrender from political rivalries, then the matter is now moving from rhetoric to bloodshed. PDM federal government. By arresting Tehreek-e-Insaf’s Shehbaz Gil and brutally torturing him, he has cast a shadow on Tehreek-e-Insaf’s side. It can never be imagined that in today’s era any political treatment of the worker can be tolerated. No one is being allowed to meet him. The PDM government is bent on making Shehbaz Gil a big leader.

A judicial commission should be constituted immediately on the mistreatment of Shehbaz Gil and disciplinary action should be taken. If Shahbaz Gil has committed any crime, then the process should be completed by proving it and the punishment according to the law should be given. Peace can never be established by extra-judicial killings, crimes are never reduced. This creates feelings of revenge and creates more problems. The situation is getting worse and worse with each passing day, various stories are emerging, and instability is increasing every moment. Tehreek-e-Insaaf is realizing that it is being forced against the wall. The international forces want Pakistan to have viable leaders who are indebted to them. The conditions of Pakistan should not be stable so that they can take their actions. This is the reason why Pakistan is always prone to instability.