O my kids

The love and affection that par­ents shower upon their chil­dren are priceless and irreplace­able. It’s something that no one else in the world can provide. It’s safe to say that most parents pri­oritise shaping a bright future for their kids, offering them every possible facility within their finan­cial means. However, not all par­ents can provide everything, and this disparity can sometimes lead to feelings of jealousy among chil­dren and even their parents.

Such behaviour can lead to disas­trous consequences, as children of­ten engage in conflicts with one an­other, which is quite normal for kids. A tragic incident occurred in Kara­chi where children from two differ­ent tribes within the same commu­nity fought, and the intervention of tribal elders led to the tragic loss of a father’s life. Now, those kids are left without a father and are living as orphans. It’s truly heartbreaking that a simple childhood fight esca­lated to such a tragic extent.

It’s also observed that in joint family setups, married brothers sometimes live indifferently un­der the same roof due to mistreat­ment of their children. In some sit­uations, these differences lead to clashes between brothers and their wives due to excessive love shown to their own children while ignor­ing other children. Parents might feel that their children are not loved as much as other children are, which can be a challenging sit­uation to control. In such instances, parents need to have a big heart to endure these behaviours and also provide counselling to their chil­dren, as it’s a natural part of life and cannot always be controlled.

Elders should act wisely and re­frain from intervening in children’s matters, especially when they have minor conflicts with each other. Let kids be kids, and parents should avoid getting embroiled in their is­sues. Instead, maintain the same loving and caring behaviour to­wards all children to ensure a hap­py and harmonious life. The main focus should be on raising children well and instilling in them the eth­ical and social values of society, such as tolerance, strong moral character, conflict resolution, and sharing. This can only be achieved by setting a positive example, as actions speak louder than words, and parents are often role models for their children.



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