Apparent insanity

In a desperate attempt to ultimately present every Muslim country as anti-American, the US generally and its media specifically are showing signs of apparent insanity. It is being highlighted, in the western media, that some Taliban commanders (names not yet invented) are training militants in Iran in order to attack America. Obviously, the constant repetition of this will provide the US a good reason to attack Iran, as it did in thecases of Iraq and Afghanistan. In the same way, the American administration is also propagating that Iran is a threat not only to the US, but also the entire Gulf region. However, if the Muslim countries believe the US administrations propaganda, then it will be an act of sheer imprudence. That will eventually prove suicidal for the Gulf States, as America plans to systematically annihilate all Muslim nations of this rich region and grab their resources. To avoid this situation, all the Muslims countries should unite. Furthermore, the US administration should understand that it is the Will of Allah that prevails, not that of such evil plotters. - MUHAMMED JAMIL ATHER, Karachi, March 24.

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt