Video: ‘Taliban linked with RAW,' former spokesman confesses

Former Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan spokesman Ehsanullah Ehsan has revealed that the Pakistani Taliban have close ties with RAW in a confessional video released today.

In the statement, he also elaborates the reasons why he surrendered to the Pakistan Army.

“I have been the spokesperson of TTP Mahmod Agency, TTP and Jamat-ul-Ehrar. I joined TTP in 2008 when I was a college student,” he said.

He maintained that Taliban are misguiding people in the name of Islam. “After the operation started, the fight for leadership in TTP started which divided the organisation further,” he said.

“Everyone wanted to be head of TTP especially after killing of Hakeem-ul-Mehsood,” he added.

The former militant further shared that a formal election campaign was run by Molvi Fazlulah, Khalid Khurasani and Molvi Sajna.

“In the end they drew the name of the leader. Hence Molvi Fazalullah became the leader of TTP,” he said. “How can an organisation whose leader forcibly married the daughter of his own teacher, be good?”

Ehsan underscored that TTP has close ties with Indian intelligence agency RAW, which he especially saw in Afghanistan, where they fled after Pakistan military operation in FATA.

“I saw there that our commanders received money from RAW and Afghan agency NDS for terrorist activities,” he said.

“Since they were themselves funded by RAW and were left to face Pakistan Army, there was disappointment among the fighters.

“Khalid Khurasani even said that if Israel helped me against Pakistan, he will take the held after I told him we are taking support from infidels.”
Ehsan said the TTP has special committees which are linked with RAW.

“While crossing the border, we use to have special contacts with NDS and Afghan military and with their support and cooperation, we crossed border for terrorist activities in Pakistan,” he said.

The former spokesperson further appealed the militants in Afghanistan that they should leave TTP because it does not represent true Islam.

“Please stop the militancy and come to path of peace,” he appealed.

After ban on electronic media, TTP started to use social media to trap youngsters through their malicious propaganda. “I appeal to the youngster not to be trapped by the propaganda of TTP,” he said.

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