BEIJING - Pakistan’s Ambassador to China Moin ul Haque said that Pakistan’s exports to China had registered an upward trend in the first seven months of current year and with this momentum, exports were likely to cross $4 billion target by end of this year.

“Our exports to China remained at US$3.6 billion with a record increase last year and with this momentum, we are likely to cross US$4 billion target this year”, he said while talking to a group of businessmen here. Ambassador Haque called upon the businessmen and traders to join hands with the Government of Pakistan and embassy to further enhance exports from Pakistan to China and invited them to propose different means and methods. “On our part, we have already established Pakistan pavilions in different cities to aware the Chinese buyers and customers about Pakistani products and are also using online platforms like JD.Com to sell Pakistani products in China”, he added. He informed that agreements with other popular online platforms would soon be signed to seek their cooperation in promoting Pakistani products in the Chinese online market which was world’s largest ecommerce market. Ambassador Haque remarked that Pakistani enterprises could take benefit from offline and online platforms to sell Pakistani goods in wake of China’s import-friendly policies. According to a senior official here, Pakistan’s exports to China increased even when trade decreased with other countries in the month of July, showing the commitment of the government to enhance bilateral trade.

“It is very promising that Pakistan’s exports to China are growing. The Government of Pakistan is keen to harness the real potential of exports through value addition, digital marketing, export-oriented investments, and encouraging enterprises from both countries to make Pakistan an integral part of China’s supply chain”, he added. An economic expert said that China had opened up its market for Pakistani goods. The two countries could benefit from long-term relationships and Pakistani traders could export more goods to China which was the second largest economy in the world. “Pakistan can become a food basket for China because the Chinese market is huge and has good buying power, therefore Pakistan should take advantage of its good relationship and China can help relocate its industries and technologies to Pakistan to increase its exports”, he added. The exports of major products to China increased in rice, sesame seeds, pine nuts, seafood, and other agricultural products, which has promoted Pakistan’s economic recovery.