Through the column of your esteemed newspaper, I would like to draw the attention of the concerned authorities towards the recent women abuse incident in Faisalabad. Instances of women abuse are rampant in our society either overtly or covertly. The recent heinous incident in Faisalabad of a final-year medical student being abducted, molested, and videotaped at the hands of a business tycoon, his daughter and a few others is yet another blood-curdling episode. Law enforcement agencies have managed to put the culprits behind bars. It is now the duty of the judicial branch to make an example of them publicly.

There are numerous other such cases where women are deprived of their fundamental rights. Most of these either go unreported because of societal taboos or be influenced by elite pressure. Alarmingly, rural areas of our country are replete with examples of day-to-day women abuse and torture. Women are often excluded from financial and legal matters. Their consent is diametrically disregarded in connection with marriage-related matters. Upon rejecting a proposal, they are physically assaulted and man-handled.

The frequency of such cases is exponentially increasing. There is a dire need to address and root out such matters of paramount importance. Unless the root cause is addressed and justice is served, another hashtag in some other case will definitely resurface sooner or later. In view of the above-mentioned facts, it will be heartening if you publish it in your newspaper so that the concerned authorities may see the gravity of this matter.