QUETTA - Quetta Electric Supply Company (QESCO) closed its Gandakha Grid Station area of Jaffarabad district due to safety measures after entering flood water in it causing suspending of power supply of same areas of feeders.

According to QESCO spokesman, due to the recent monsoon rains and floods, water has entered the transformer yard and trench of the 66KV Gandakha Grid Station, due to which safety measures have been taken into consideration. The power supply to the feeders connected to this grid station has been stopped by switching off the breaker of the grid station at 5 am on Thursday morning. He further said that the Grid System Operation (GSO) department of QESCO was working to remove water from the 66kV Gandakha Grid Station and was facing difficulties owing to continuous rain.

He expressed the expectation that after the rain subsides and the weather improves, QESCO staff would complete the dewatering of the 66 KV Gandakha substation and restore the power supply.

However, QESCO has apologized to the concerned consumers for the inconvenience caused by the power outage due to heavy rains and appealed for cooperation.