Poor health facilities in govt hospitals upset CM

Mohsin Naqvi ordered to improve the condition of the x-ray room

LAHORE   -   Caretaker Punjab Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi paid a detailed visit to different hospitals of the city, police stations and children homes late at night. The chief minister inspected finishing work in the new emergency of Services Hospital and expressed his indignation on seeing old equipment and old floor tiles. Mohsin Naqvi ordered to improve the condition of the x-ray room along with improving AC installation at the nursing counter. The CM directed to complete the construction work of the basement at the earliest. CM Mohsin Naqvi also inspected new beds for the new emergency and directed to im­mediately functionalize the elevator of the hospital. He also inspected the laboratory of the new emergency, screening area, pathology, x-ray and washrooms. The CM stated that only new beds have arrived so far and various finishing works of the emergency are left incomplete. He direct­ed to further improve the new emergency of Services Hospital as soon as possible and issued necessary directions to Sec­retary C&W for the early completion of finishing work.The CM Mohsin Naqvi also visited Samanabad Hospital where the doctors were in less number, and patients were more in numbers while the phar­macy was also closed. The patients and the attendants made complaints about delay in the checkups by the doctors for many hours. The CM inquired from the patients and attendants about treatment facilities in the emergency. The patients complained about a smaller number of doctors at night time. A CMO, one Medi­cal Officer and one Woman Medical Offi­cer were present on duty in the hospital. Mohsin Naqvi visited emergency wards and other departments. The CMO of Samanabad Hospital could not explain anything about the 2nd and 3rd floor of the Samanabad Hospital. One citizen Naveed Chishti of Samanabad Hospital cordially shook hands with the CM. Nav­eed Chishti while talking with the CM remarked, “I often see you and you are do­ing a very nice work”. The chief minister directed to immediately shift a female pa­tient present in the emergency to the Ser­vices Hospital. CM Mohsin Naqvi on the complaints of patients directed Provincial Ministers for Health Dr. Javed Akram and Dr. Nasir Jamal to immediately visit the hospital and take stock of the situation. On the direction of CM Mohsin Naqvi, the Provincial Ministers reached the hos­pital and reviewed treatment facilities. The CM also visited Samanabad police station, inspected the front desk and re­viewed progress being made on the ap­plications of citizens. He expressed his severe indignation over witnessing the pathetic condition of the building, resi­dencies of staff members in the tents, poor cleanliness arrangements, dirti­ness in the rooms, dust piling over the files and records and dismal condition of the police station. The CM Mohsin Naqvi talked with the inmates detained in the lockups. On the inquisition of CM Mohsin Naqvi an elderly person told him about being apprehended on the charges of asking for alms. He ordered the imme­diate release of the elderly citizen Rahim Buksh resident of Hanjarwal after making necessary proceedings in his case.

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