Destruction after construction policy goes on

LAHORE - The government is perhaps towing the policy of destruction after construction.
The Traffic Engineering and Planning Agency (Tepa) has started digging the newly-constructed Ferozpur Road to build a bridge on the Samanabad Nullah – one of the portions of LOS-Multan Road Dual Carriageway.
The digging has deeply disturbed the dwellers of Ichra, Samanabad and its adjoining areas, seriously damaging telecommunication lines and sewer system.
Moreover, commuters have also been cursing authorities concerned for their ill-planning since they have to go through gridlocks. They have also been making complaints of damages to their vehicles.
The Tepa officials said on anonymity that earlier the agency planed to kick off contraction of bridge before the LOS Dual Carriageway but it altered the programme later.  “Now the high-ups ordered us to construct the bridge on the Nullah and we started digging as we are bound to obey the orders,” the Tepa team said.
When contacted, Project Director Israr Saeed said: “The trouble is temporary. The public is the beneficiary of project. No extra funds are allocated as it is part of the Rs 3.5 billion carriageway project.”
He said that public grievances would be redressed by completing the project ‘soon’.
On the other hand, traffic chaos has been blamed on warden’s weakness. Wardens fail to ward off the mess on the specific area during rush hours.
Commuters have also call upon the authorities concerned to make public announcements before such projects so that people can choose alternative routes.
Site workers said they were doing their best to finish the project on time but they had kept in mind the previous damage to sewer lines beside the nullah.

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