Importance of sex education

A proper sex education will nurture good values and not leave a bad impression to the kids. Most counsellors take precaution on how to present this sensitive topic to kids because a single mistake may give them a wrong idea about sex. Many people in our society believe that sex education should only be restricted to families, that parents should personally take up the issue and educate their children. This view does not make any sense; this education needs a proper channel through which it should reach everyone. 

Introducing sex education in school curriculum is important to tackle the issue. This might be implemented in all private and government schools with a syllabus covering all the aspects of sex education for youth. Various risky behaviours among youth, such as forced sex, indulging in pornography, physical abuse can lead to early pregnancies. This should form the vital part of the curriculum helping the youth to understand the unethical and inhuman aspect of such behaviours.  

A major section of the Pakistani society lives below the poverty line, therefore, in order to attract the attention, alternate methods of education must be approached, such as film screenings, universities and colleges organizing debates and argumentative sessions. Parents should also have a close relationship with their children. They should be their best friends and teachers. A child should be tailored to always talk to his or her parent about anything and without fears. Misconceptions about sexual life should be cleared. Sex education is most important need of modern era especially amongst Asians who are normally regarded conservative when compared to westerners. 


Lahore, February 12. 


ePaper - Nawaiwaqt