CSS-22 check  

Undeniably, the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) has maintained its credibility since its inception. However, concerns have been raised over the checking criteria for the CSS 2022 examination. A friend of mine scored only 16 marks in the subject, despite doing well in other subjects such as International Relations where he scored 140 out of 200. 

He calculated the marks from the multiple-choice questions (MCQs) in which he got 12 correct answers out of 20 but received only two marks out of 80 in the subjective section of Pakistan Affairs. The examiner seemed to have given an average of one mark per question. In the past, the FPSC used to focus on two subjects, English Essay, and Precis.

Many unsuccessful candidates are angry and dejected, questioning the marking criteria and whether the examiners have any guidance on how to complete the task. This attitude is brutal and can shatter the trust of candidates in the commission, potentially leading to psychological distress. It is also believed that examiners cannot check such many papers and seek help from their students or colleagues.

The FPSC should not play with the future of hardworking aspirants and must improve the checking criteria. Targeting a paper in this manner is unfair and detrimental to the candidates’ well-being. As someone who has seen the impact of unexpected CSS results on serious candidates, I urge the commission to take immediate action.



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