Israel understands only language of Jihad: Shaukat Virk

LAHORE  -  Central Chairman of Interna­tional Human Rights Move­ment Muhammad Nasir Iqbal Khan, Founder and General Secretary of Dr AQ Khan Hos­pital Trust Dr Shaukat Babar Virk, General Secretary of International Human Rights Movement Youth Wing Lahore Malik Tamsheel Shakeel Awan and Moazzam Virk said that cursed Israel only understands the language of Jihads. 

In the context of the Gaza cri­sis, guidance should be taken from the Holy Quran. No hope from the “dead nations”, the OIC also disappointed every time. The Israeli rulers and their allies who have turned Gaza into a slaughterhouse are a threat to humanity. For last­ing peace in the world, every evil must be eradicated. The killer Israel did not even spare the Palestinian babies, Gaza is presenting the scene of a silent city. As a result of Israeli bru­tality, thousands of Palestin­ian children, men and women have been martyred, while the rest are suffering from severe injuries and malnutrition. The world conscience watched and Israel unjustly killed thou­sands of Palestinians, includ­ing infants. He was address­ing a protest demonstration against Israeli brutality and criminal genocide of Palestin­ians in Gaza for three months. The speakers further said that the scene of Qayamat-e-Sughra is in Gaza. There are no build­ings safe including mosques and citizens. He said that Israel continued to rain gunpowder on Gaza, while the closed eyes and tongues of the power­ful forces did not open. Alas, despite the worst genocide of the Palestinians, the expe­dient Muslim rulers are not ready to raise the knowledge of Jihad against Israel, let alone the word of truth. He said that the silence of the Muslim rul­ers made Israel more fear­less. Israel’s inhumane and heartbreaking treatment of Palestinians in its captivity is tantamount to flouting the UN Code of Conduct. He said that Israel is not alone in the genocide of Palestinians, but it has the blessing of powerful forces. Isn’t the Joe Biden gov­ernment’s second veto of the resolution against Israel in the Gaza crisis enough to upset the Muslim rulers?

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