What a pity that a large number of Pakistanis are languishing in various jails inside Afghanistan, in most of the cases, without being charged for any specific crime. Their apparent crime is that they are Pakistanis and were handed over to United States by Pakistani authorities. This perhaps is the reason that neither the Foreign Office nor the Interior Ministry ever said a word about them. Thanks to the BBC correspondent who undertook a visit to Pul-e-Charki prison who found over 100 Pakistanis being detained on general pretext of their suspected links with either Taliban or al-Qaeda. Besides this, there are well over 150 more Pakistanis being detained in other prisons in various parts of Afghanistan. The process of handing over Pakistani nationals to foreign countries on the pretext of 'suspected terrorists started during Gen Pervez Musharraf regime when agencies started lifting people for financial consideration and inhabited Guantanamo Bay. This was a blatant violation of the Constitution. They were subjected to third degree torture that resulted in death of many of them while a large number had been rendered completely crippled. Pakistani authorities have failed to raise its concern to bring these innocent Pakistanis back home despite the fact that nothing could be proved against them. What is more painful is the fact that the Interior Ministry has no data of those unfortunate Pakistani prisoners nor have they been provided any legal assistance to contest their cases. Reports suggests that similarly a large number of Pakistanis are in Indian jails not knowing when they will get out of hell and be with their near and dear ones. It is incumbent upon our embassies across the world to start collecting data of Pakistanis being kept in prison on any charge. Once the data is available, then our diplomatic missions should approach them to provide them legal assistance to contest their cases as provided in the Geneva convention. Wake up foreign Office do it now before it is too late.