It is a big strain on the nerves of the Indian bigoted leaders that the people of the Valley despite atrocities that stretch over a period of 63 years, are still resilient and ready to do whatever it takes to assert their right to self-determination as guaranteed by the UNSC. The world and the so-called international community that takes pride to be most civilised should now have no doubt how violently the Indians who while celebrating their Republic Day are suppressing the innocent and defenceless Kashmiris. Therefore, the fact that the Kashmiris are out on the streets today to mark this day, as Black Day makes perfect sense. Consistent with their approach of acting in the most vicious manner, the Indian security forces did nothing but unleash their savagery on the Kashmiris. While the airport has been sealed and the BJP leaders stopped from reaching Srinagar, countless Kashmiri men are being rounded up on streets and thrown behind bars. As part of the same madness, an Indian army jeep tried to crush a little boy to death, injuring him seriously. This reeks of savagery that is so fundamental to the nature of the Israelis who likewise do not even spare children and slay them on purpose. Meanwhile, Kashmiri leaders are being picked up and tortured. It is noteworthy that this is roughly the account of just the past 24 hours. If one takes a glance at the happenings of the past few weeks, there would only be extra-judicial killings, mass arrests, harassment through door to door search and much more. All this gives the impression as if either we are living in dark ages or the world media and the Western capitals are turning a blind eye to Indian atrocities in the held Valley. There is hardly any leader on the global stage who is brave enough to call a spade a spade. Since a large section of the Western media has become a victim of Islamophobia, it is happily condoning New Delhis brutal occupation. Having said that, New Delhis attempts to portray freedom-loving Kashmiris as terrorists has not met complete success, given a number of intellectuals even in India, like Arundhaty Roy who have rebelled against the conduct of their state. Such voices coupled with the fact that the Kashmiris have shown that no power on earth could make them give up their claim on their land constitute a big frustration for India. Indians would also be mindful of the reality that their unjust occupation of Kashmir is having serious repercussions in terms of their own security and wellbeing. It must not be forgotten that a new factor of young Kashmiris poised to get rid of the Indian yoke has also come into the equation. There have been some instances when India had to suffer the consequences of its actions in the Valley. Does it want to invite much more trouble or live in peace? New Delhi must give it a serious thought.