Renowned Pashto singer Bacha Zarin Jan passes away

PESHAWAR - Renowned Pashto singer and queen of Pashto Ghazal, Bacha Zarin Jan passed away after protracted illness on Wednesday.
Born in 1942 in district Mardan, Bacha Zarin Jan was the daughter of Ustad Abdul Rahim Khan, who was a top musician in Kalkata.
In her 70 years age, she excelled in every discipline of Pashto music like Tapa, Charbeta and Ghazal and was called as queen of Pashto Ghazal.
When her father returned to Pakistan after partition, he taught her various styles of music and guided her in a proficient manner. Bacha Zarin Jan, who surely had a melodious voice, has six sisters. Her elder sister Dilbar Jan Balalily was also a prominent singer and was mostly engaged in guiding her sister Zarin Jan.
Bacha Zarin Jan also learned from Ustad Ghulam Khalil Khan and Ustad Gul Fazir Khan. Both of them were friends of his father and sincerely guided Bacha Zarin Jan in the field of Ghazal and folk songs.
The prominent songs of Bacha Zarin Jan were “Alaka bali ma narawa leday me na shee”, “Ma pre sezi ze pa mekzono yara hujray la bala dewa wari”, “da bama olwegy che za daryada shama,” “jenaki daly daly pir baba la zi, tambal wahi,” and many others.
She recorded her first song when she was in the age of seven years in 1948.
Instead of demonstrating her performance in his native village of Mardan, she preferred to migrate, Peshawar city to remove the cultural barrier of her society as she was feeling hesitation in his fraternal village. 
When she saw that her little sister was suffering from the atrocities of her husband, she preferred to pass here life without a husband and did not married through out her life.
 She was living in Peshawar with her sister and cousin in Bakhsho Full area and other scattered localities of Peshawar city.
Her songs were widely appreciated by the elders and youths of her time, which were broadcasted through various media. She was also bestowed with presidential award, Pride of Performance and Tamgah Imtiaz.
Later she suffered from various diseases and was admitted in several hospital of the city but she died due to kidney disease. She several time appealed to cultural department of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for medical aid as she was also facing financial problems and has no male member in her family to earn for him in his old age.

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