Floods wash away life in Chitral

CHITRAL: Massive rescue and relief efforts are under way for those marooned in the raging waves of flash floods that have affected swaths of land in Chitral over the last ten days, killing 31 people and washing away hundreds of homes with no immediate break in sight.

Military helicopters are hovering over the flood-ravaged villages to rescue the affected people and drop food as local authorities are engaged in setting up make-shift shelters and food huts for those trapped.

According to the Provincial Disaster Management Authority, as many as 70 more houses were demolished in the flood-hit areas in Chitral today. Rains and floods have now washed away more than 300 houses, 25 mosques, bridges, educational institutions, communication equipment and several acres of crops in Chitral — Majgool, Wari Joon, Sehat, Gehat and Kasham are among the worst-hit villages.

Kalash Valley and Ganche are still disconnected from the rest of the country as repair work on damaged link roads is under way.

As many as nine hydel powerhouses have also been damaged while the Otol village has been completely washed away by floods. But locals have begun reconstruction of the plants in some areas.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif visited the flood-hit area in Chitral soon after Eid to personally look at the devastation caused by flash floods. He instructed authorities to transport the affected people to safer places, and ordered food and medical help for them.

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