Air pollution low in capital, monsoon rainfalls help improve air quality  

ISLAMABAD - The repeated monsoon rainfalls in the country plummeted the scorching heat across the country in general but also help improve federal capital’s air quality in particular on Tuesday.

The air pollution in the metropolis remained low since the onset of the recent monsoon spell as prolonged rainy weather helped in containing air pollutants ratio in the atmosphere. 

The Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency (Pak-EPA) daily air quality report indicated a reduced ratio of air pollutants, recorded below permissible limits, and the air quality was healthy. The Agency is responsible to ensure the protection of the environment under the Pakistan Environmental Protection Act 1997.

The hazardous air pollutant particulate matter of 2.5 microns (PM2.5), which was a hazardous atmospheric contaminant, remained 14.01 microgrammes per cubic meter on average which was higher than the NEQS of 35 microgrammes per cubic meter and denoted the air quality unhealthily.

PM2.5 is generated through the combustion of an engine, industrial emissions, burning garbage or inflammable material and dust blown up by fast-moving cars plying on non-cemented patches of the roads.  

The EPA officials claimed that the vehicular emissions due to increased automobiles was one of the leading cause of bad air quality. Industrial emissions were already subsided due to carbon-absorbing advanced technology installed at various steel manufacturing units.