CM directs Services Hospital admin to ensure provision of quality treatment to patients

Expresses anger over lack of medical facilities; removes director finance

LAHORE   -  Caretaker Punjab Chief Min­ister Punjab, Mohsin Naqvi Tuesday visited Services Hos­pital for three hours. 

During the visit, he ob­served issues such as bad beds in the wards, unpleas­ant odours, non-functional air conditioning, poor patient conditions, inadequate hy­giene, substandard operation theaters, and a lack of medical facilities. The chief minister expressed strong dissatisfac­tion after witnessing the hos­pital’s condition.

Mohsin Naqvi reprimanded the Director of Finance for not paying the AC mainte­nance contractor for seven months and ordered his re­moval from his position. He also cancelled the parking contract due to complaints of overcharging and directed the Lahore Parking Company to take over parking manage­ment in Services Hospital.

Mohsin Naqvi instructed the replacement of old beds and mattresses with an im­mediate directive for early payment to the AC contractor. He stressed the urgent need to replace non-functional and damaged AC units in the wards. Additionally, the CM announced the hospital’s upgrading and called for a master plan, tasking the In­frastructure Development Au­thority Punjab to prepare one.

Also, the chief minister in­spected the dialysis unit, pop­ulation welfare centre, police station, parking lot, and medi­cine store. These areas faced complaints regarding the lack of medical facilities, poor san­itation, and AC shutdown. He directed the hospital admin­istration to ensure the provi­sion of quality treatment to patients. Mohsin Naqvi also instructed the hospital to ar­range a kidney transplant for young Talha, who is cur­rently receiving treatment in the dialysis unit. He asked to prepare a report on Talha’s treatment progress on a daily basis. Expressing his determi­nation to improve the hospi­tal’s conditions, he promised to revisit the hospital next week. He stressed the impor­tance of maintaining a con­stant supply of medicines in the store and directed proper cooling for medicines and in­jections. Additionally, Mohsin Naqvi visited the storeroom and inspected the new emer­gency area’s construction, or­dering its functional comple­tion within seven days. 

He emphasized continuous work, even during holidays, to expedite the new emergency’s early completion with a focus on ensuring quality work.

Furthermore, Mohsin Naq­vi directed the completion of the sewerage and drain­age system in the medical emergency. He expressed deep regret over the Services Hospital’s condition, situated in the center of Lahore, and referred to it as the worst he has seen among dozens of hospitals he has visited.

He vowed to dedicate all possible time and effort to im­proving Services Hospital and making it the best hospital. Mohsin Naqvi also highlight­ed the dissatisfaction of the Director of Finance regarding AC maintenance payments, which have been pending for seven months despite the ar­rival of summer. Provincial Minister Specialized Health­care and Medical Education Dr Javed Akram, Secretary of Health, MS Services Hospital Dr Munir Malik, Deputy Com­missioner, and other relevant officials were also present there during his visit.

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