Indian woman ties the knot with her Pakistani lover

UPPER DIR-Thirty-five years old Indian woman Anju and her lover Nasrullah from Kalshow village in Upper Dir district headquarters on Tuesday solemnised a court marriage, after which the woman was given Islamic name Fatima, officials said.
The woman converted to Islam and married Nasrullah. The couple was brought to the district courts amid strict security measures wherein the judge recorded her statement and solemnized their marriage (Nikah). Qari Shamroz Khan tied the knot between the couple in the presence of two witnesses identified as Faridullah Khan and Muhammad Rahim. Recording her statement before the court, she said that she had visited her friend on her free well and she was pleased to marry Nasrullah, 29. According to local residents the couple was brought to the district court amid strict security measures for solemnizing the ‘Nikah” and they hurriedly left the court on completion of the process. Media was not allowed to meet them. The couple left the court to enjoy the scenic spots in Lowari Top, Upper Dir. However, when the news of their marriage went viral in the media, the man denied his marriage with the Indian lady. A day earlier, Fatima had requested all the media not to disturb her relatives and children as her return was in process and she will be back in two or three days. She had also earlier claimed that she had visited her friend like other tourists who came to the area. DIG Malakand division Nisar Muhammad also confirmed to media that that the Nikah had been performed.