Islamia University Bahawalpur hosts seminar

BAHAWALPUR-A seminar was held at the Islamia University Bahawalpur the other day, which was organised by Department of World Religions and Interfaith Harmony.
Distinguished international relations expert, psychologist, and criminologist, Dr Asif Channer delivered inspirational lecture on international peace development and interfaith harmony. The Department of World Religions and Interfaith Harmony at Islamia University Bahawalpur had the esteemed privilege of hosting Dr. Asif Channer, a renowned expert in international relations, psychology, and criminology, as a guest speaker at a momentous seminar. The seminar aimed to foster an environment of interfaith harmony and discuss crucial aspects of international peace development.
Dr Asif Channer’s lecture captivated the audience, which consisted of esteemed faculty members, representatives of different religious and sectarian groups, human rights activists, and enthusiastic students. His vast knowledge and deep insights on the topic of international peace development and interfaith harmony offered unique perspectives and visionary solutions to the challenges faced in today’s world.
During his keynote address, Dr. Channer emphasized the significance of nurturing interfaith understanding and cooperation for promoting global peace and stability. He drew upon his extensive expertise in international relations to elucidate the intricate dynamics between nations and the role of interfaith dialogue in forging diplomatic ties.
As a distinguished psychologist, Dr. Channer shed light on the psychological barriers that hinder peaceful coexistence among diverse communities and proposed strategies to foster empathy and mutual respect among individuals from different backgrounds.
Furthermore, drawing from his profound understanding of criminology, Dr Asif Channer highlighted the role of socio-economic factors in exacerbating conflicts and how addressing these issues can contribute to sustainable peace.
His comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach resonated deeply with the audience, inspiring all present to actively pursue harmony and understanding in their respective spheres.
“We are honored to have Dr. Asif Channer grace us with his presence and share his wisdom with the academic community at Islamia University Bahawalpur. His expertise in international relations, psychology, and criminology has shed light on the path towards building a more tolerant and compassionate global society,” said Dr Shajilla Kosar, head of the Department of World Religions and Interfaith Harmony.
Dr Asif Channer’s visit to the Islamia University Bahawalpur left a lasting impact, inspiring the academic community, religious representatives, human rights activists, and students to work collaboratively towards fostering a world rooted in peace and understanding.
Dr Asif Channer is an esteemed international relations expert, psychologist, and criminologist known for his groundbreaking work in fostering global peace and interfaith understanding. He has been a guest speaker at prestigious academic institutions and international conferences worldwide.

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