Nepra okays up to Rs7.5/unit hike in basic power tariff

ISLAMABAD  -  National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (Nepra)Tuesday has approved the federal govern­ment motion for the hike in base power tariff by up to Rs7.5 per unit which will enhance the cost of electricity to Rs 42.72/unit for some consumers.

Within less than 40 hours, Nepra has issued the decision in the matter of motion filed by the feder­al government with respect to recommendation of consumer-end-tariff and approved the hike of up to Rs 7.5/unit in tariff effective from July 1, 2023.

Nepra had allowed the federal government to authorise an increase of Rs 4.96/unit (or 20pc) in base electricity tariff, taking the national average electricity rate to Rs 29.78/unit. 

As per the decision for the life line consumers and the protected consumers using up to 200 units per month there is no change in the tariff. For the non-protected consumers using 1 to 100 units the tariff hike of Rs 3/unit has been allowed which will take the current per unit cost from Rs 13.48/unit to Rs 16.48/unit. For the consumer using 101-200 the hike of Rs 4/unit has been allowed which will take the tariff for these categories of consumers from the existing Rs 18.95/unit to Rs 22.95/unit. For the consumers using 201-300 units, the cost of one unit will go up by Rs 5/unit from the existing Rs 22.14/unit to Rs 27.14/unit. For the consumers using 301-400 units an increase of Rs 6.5/unit has been approved which will take the existing price of Rs 25.53/unit to Rs 32.03/unit for these consum­ers. For the consumers using 401-500 units, 501-600 unit and 601-700 units the approved hike in tariff is Rs 7.5/unit which will take the price from the existing Rs 27.74/unit to Rs35.24/unit, 29.16/unit to Rs 36.66/unit and Rs 30.30/unit to Rs 37.80/unit respectively.

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