Laxity of police, other depts counted for rising drug addiction

FAISALABAD - Drug traffickers are the enemy of humanity in general and society in particular. Today more than eight million people are addicted to drug and this number is fast on the rise. To eliminate the menace from society and provide drug-free environment to the younger generations, new legislation must made besides strict on the existing laws.
These views were expressed by speakers from different walks of life at a forum organised by Daily Nawa-i-Waqt/The Nation Faisalabad Bureau to mark International Anti-Narcotics Day, on Monday.
The speakers were of the view that in Faisalabad, drugs were being sold like vegetables but no one from the authorities concerned was batting an eyelid.
Nawa-i-Waqt group Bureau Chief Ahmad Kamal Nizami, who organised the forum, in his welcome address said that the number of drug addicts had gone up alarmingly in Faisalabad like other parts of the country, especially the youth was getting more addicted as the sale of narcotics was thriving. He expressed his concern that whisky was sold openly at Serena Hotel and people consumed alcohol at two big clubs of the city as if there was no bar on its sale or consumption. He vehemently criticized the role of police, saying that had the police rose to the challenge, the situation would have not so worst in the city.
Prof Ayub Hassan from Government Islamia College pointed out that the use of narcotics was interlinked with the prevailing poverty, unemployment and social injustice. He said that despite the fact that awareness against narcotics had raised, its production and trafficking had also increased in contrast.
He pointed out that as black money earned from narcotics business also used in politics therefore drug traffickers were much more influential than those who were supposed to curb the menace. He demanded the incorporation of special material against narcotics in the education curricula.
Senior Excise Officer Mian Aftab described that the trafficking and sale of drugs in the region had gone up manifold since Nato invasion in Afghanistan. He pointed that there were some 13,000 liquor permit holders in Faisalabad. Advocate Shabana Rana said that there were many strict punishments under the relevant laws regarding sale of narcotics but people normally avoided recording statement and testimony when peddlers arrested.
Social worker Kamran Rasheed said that initially the youth used narcotics as a fashion and then they get addicted to it. He said that the performance of the law enforcement agencies was not satisfactory in this regard.
Prof Salman Ali from Physiology Department of Government Municipal Degree College said that the real causes of narcotics use must be discussed to find out solutions. He said that society should learn about the problems which were giving rise drug addiction.
SP Lyallpur Town Rana Zahid Mehmood Gondal said that it was basic duty of police to eliminate narcotics from the society. “When narcotics traffickers are arrested people do not give witnesses. In narcotics cases so much money get involved that sometimes everything is being purchased,” he pointed. He averred that when narcotics get eliminated from any area or street crime ratio also came down. He disclosed that narcotics were used at GC University and University of Agriculture by students. He disclosed that all those medical stores selling, in intoxicating medicines had been identified and soon a vigorous operation would be launched against them.
Speaking on the occasion, Civil Society member Atif Jamil said that due to lack of sports and other health activities at educational institutions and the narcotics addiction was on the rise. He said that Christian community was ready to play its effective role to curb narcotics from society.

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