Islamabad - An attempt to install a spying gadget at the residence of former PM Imran Khan has been foiled when one of the personal servant was caught by others while trying to fit a spying device in his bedroom, it is learnt reliably.

An employee/ servant working at the residence of PTI chairman Imran Khan was caught by another fellow when he was trying to to plant a spy device in the personal bedroom of Khan.

Sources in the security team confirmed the development and said the employee has been handed over to police for further investigation.

The name of the  employee  has not been disclosed. sources said the  employee has direct access to the bedroom of Imran Khan and was trying to plant the device while Imran Khan was not in the room.

Another servant who watched this activity, immediately brought the matter to the notice of the  security team, which caught him and after a brief probe handed him over to police.

No information has been provided to this scribe about the nature of the spying device which was being installed for spying on Imran Khan in his bedroom. The police are investigating the employee for his surprise move and also probing  who wanted to spy on Imran Khan.

The Nation contacted chief of the staff Imran Khan Shahbaz Gill  for comments but both did not respond to the messages sent to him.

The chief of staff to Imran Khan , Shahbaz Gill has already written to Interior Ministry about serious security threats to Imran Khan. Personal video leakage of leading politicians is now a common practice by their adversaries in order to defame them and current move against Imran Khan could be part of such move.