KHANEWAL - On the directions of Deputy Commissioner Shahid Farid, the administration has intensified crack down against wheat hoarders in Khanewal.

In this regard, crackdown has been started against the private warehouses.

Assistant Commissioner (AC), Khanewal Saif Ullah is leading the operation.

AC Saif Ullah Abid has seized 300 bags of wheat and fined the owner of Sadiq Store Rs 15,000. Assistant Commissioner has said on the occasion that no stockpile will not be allowed to store wheat and other commodities for higher profit.

AC Khanewal has urged the people to inform the district administration about the warehouses where wheat is illegally stocked.

He assured that the names of the informers will be kept secret and confidential.

Residents of the Khanewal have appreciated the hectic efforts of the newly posted Assistant Commissioner Khanewal Saif Ullah.