RAWALPINDI - The Higher Education Commission (HEC)   Chairperson Dr Shaista Sohail on Saturday asked the universities to conduct solution oriented research.

While talking to media, she said that the universities played a pivotal role in educating and training students.

“Every year students after completing their education secure jobs in various industries, enterprises in public and private domains. It is therefore imperative that the universities train them so that they are solution oriented and increase the productivity in every sector that they join”.

HEC has been taking various measures to encourage students and faculty to research on issues that confront Pakistan and come up with innovative solutions, she added.

“The economic situation demands that we do not take business as usual. Therefore, university leaders have been requested to focus their research on the three main imports which could reduce foreign exchange spending. It is significant that Pakistan has very few local brands”.

“In this context the need for research and commercialization of local oils and drinks so that they can be consumed off the shelf while increasing employment and growth of the local economy,” she said.

“Agriculture Universities may come up with ways in which they could enhance local growing of tea and promote local brands of indigenous drinks. Laban is very nicely packaged in Saudi Arabia and Gulf. Similarly, Iran has packaged Lassi smartly in various innovative flavours like strawberry, vanilla”.

The Vice Chancellors have also been encouraged to think of other creative ways to explore avenues that would be contributing towards growth of the national economy.

As such it was important that all such efforts are recognized and supported, she added.