The elected PM of Pakistan, who happens to be a Gaddi Nashhen from Multan, would like the 180 million unfortunate citizens of this country to close their eyes and ears to the ground realities and behave like his dumb devotees, ever willing to submit to his wishes whatever their sufferings. While his devotees could have endured hardships faced by them, had they performed Haj or Umra during tenure of their Pir, it was unacceptable for rest of population. They see unchecked corruption on the rise, where in the rare instance if few thugs and criminals have been prosecuted and punished by judiciary, end up getting pardoned by their President, totally un-mindful of public sentiments and sufferings. People of Pakistan have witnessed the worse inflation of their life, a crippling electricity shortage, breakdown of railways, worsening law and order and an economic crisis that has forced shutdowns of several  industries accompanied with millions rendered unemployed. They have witnessed thousands of citizens including journalists, lawyers, police officers and doctors in Karachi killed in target killings without a single murderer punished. For them these suffering are because of bad governance, massive corruption and abject disregard of public interests and their welfare. They are witnessing collapse of Pakistan Steel Mills, PIA, OGDC, PASSCO, NBP, WAPDA, Pakistan Railways, FBR, KPT etc with the PM totally unbothered that his politically appointed cronies have caused losses and corruption of over Rs 8,500 billion in his tenure, while national debt almost doubled during past four years. The image of democracy has suffered because of the failings of an incompetent government which lacks capacity to deliver. People of this country are not willing to allow this government, elected through parliamentary democracy to rebuke the Supreme Court, misinterpret the constitution and harm the collective welfare of the whole population, so that few members of ruling elite could overnight become billionaires, while their insatiable greed for ill-gotten wealth has no limit, or in the words of Shakespeare not all of Neptune’s ocean could wash this guilt off their hands.


Lahore, March 25.