This refers to PM tweet that UN has acknowledged that curbing Islamophobia is a need of the hour. Truely speaking, the incumbent Prime minister has been rewarded for his universal campaign to combat Islamophobia as he has emphasised at the burning phenomenon consecutively, addressing at the UN General Assembly sessions.

After that we have observed the fruit of his labour, when Putin won millions hearts of the Muslims at annual news press conference he said, “Insulting Prophet Muhammad PBUH is a violation of religious freedom and the violation of the sacred feelings of people who profess Islam.” One suggests that, Putin and other followers of major religions should proliferate interfaith harmony. Major watchdogs reconsider that blood of a Muslim is valued equally to blood of anyone else. Make sure universal human rights equality is not a myth. At the end, one is of the view point that the theory of tolerance should be implemented in letter and spirit globally.


Nankana Sahib.