Economy of Pakistan  

One only hopes that those at the helm realize the gravity of the crisis and rise above petty politics and game of thrones, to face the challenges Pakistan faces today. Nuclear Defense Deterrence, the brainchild of a civilian political leader, who was judicially murdered, has always irked Western powers and countries like India, Israel, etc. This country has been a victim of the insatiable greed of a few, who have benefitted most, from vast opportunities offered by Pakistan, but have now abandoned its lock stock, and barrel and moved to greener pastures. No foreign intervention, or conspiracy, can succeed unless there are partners from within, willing to betray their motherland.

There have been several others who dominated Finance Ministry and molded our financial system to rely on imported technology, instead of self-reliance and no investment in developing human resources. We even had PMs thrust upon this country, without a valid NIC or passport, who came with brief cases and departed with loads of kickbacks etc. It is an established fact that an individual can have undivided faith in one religion and loyalty to one country, yet we allowed people with split loyalties to decide our fate and policies.



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