Minimising load-shedding  

Through this letter, I wish to bring to the notice of the government and experts, the great problems of electricity and gas load shedding people have been facing for decades. These problems have long-range impacts on domestic users to industrial units resulting in negative repercussions for society and the national economy.

In order to control load-shedding and minimise its impacts, short- and long-term measures are required to be undertaken. On an immediate basis, electricity and gas theft must be controlled and an awareness campaign should be launched to conserve energy at the household level. For long-term measures, I propose the construction of new dams across rivers to harness the potential of renewable energy. Besides, more thermal power stations, where electricity may be produced with coal energy, may be set up. Lastly, more gas fields should be developed for an all-around supply of gas.

I hope that the government and technical and scientific experts will take all possible steps to improve the production and distribution of electricity and gas.



ePaper - Nawaiwaqt